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If you are looking for Falken tyres and reside within the Cheddar area then you can benefit from some of the very best prices on Falken tyres for your car, motorcycle, quad bike or leisure vehicle.

Tyres in Cheddar™ offer the full range of Falken tyres and we can find an appropriate tyre for your family car, supercar, 4x4, SUV, off-road vehicle, sports car, crossover, 4x4 or, for that matter, virtually any other car. No matter the size, rim, profile or V rating, let us find your perfect Falken tyre and offer you a price that will keep you smiling. Our prices include a new valve, fitting the tyre to your rim, balancing the wheel and then fitting it to your vehicle. We also include the cost of safely disposing of your old tyre. 

In addition to Falken tyres we also offer premium and mid-range alternatives from the following manufacturers as well as some niche suppliers; AS200, Azenis FK453, Azenis FK453CC, Azenis FK510, EuroAll Season AS210, Eurowinter HS01, Eurowinter HS01 SUV, Landair AT T110, Sincera SN832A Ecorun, Wildpeak AT01, Ziex ZE310 Ecorun, Ziex ZE914, Cobra Chrome, Spirit ST, 3D Ultra Sport, Storm 3D XM, Avanza, Ranger ATT, Turbosteel 11B, Roadrider AM26, Ranger All Terrain, Ice Touring ST, Van Master, Trailer 950 and Textile.

Falken offer a wide range of premium tyres for specific vehicles and these include, but is not limited to the following; Destination HP, FH SZ90, Firehawk SZ90, Multihawk 2, Multiseason, Roadhawk, TZ300, Winterhawk, Multihawk, Winterhawk 3 FSL, Winterhawk 2 EVO, Firehawk, SZ90 RFT, TZ300, TZ300 TZ, 3 FR XL, 3 XL, SZ90 XL and 3 FR XL.

Many cars and motorcycles are matched with a particular tyre and tyre manufacturer and for this reason, as a general rule, we would advise keeping to the same make for optimum performance, ride and experience. However, that is not to suggest there aren't alternatives and we are happy to explore these with you but, the overall cost savings may not be sufficient to counter the compromises to performance, wear and handling. What we will do, however, is secure the best price for you.

As well as Falken tyres we also provide a range of complimentary service such as highly discounted batteries for cars, motorcycles, light goods vehicles, quad bikes and leisure vehicles. We can supply only (if you prefer to tinker on your bike yourself or, supply and fit.

In addition, Tyres in Cheddar™ can provide brake inspections and other vehicle repairs. The mechanical repairs or servicing can be carried out on your behalf by Grease Monkey Garage at the same time if you wish. One trip saves you time and most likely money!

Falken Tyres from Tyres in Cheddar™

Here at Tyres in Cheddar™ whilst we aim to provide you with the widest choice of tyres we also understand that many of our customer prefer to stick with what they know or perhaps the tyres recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. If your choice is Falken tyres then we are happy to oblige. If fact, we aim to provide you the best price on your Falken tyres and, if you wish, we will also offer you a price on a comparative tyre for your car or motorcycle. You are literally in the driving seat.

There is good reason to replace your tyres on a 'like for like' basis if the Falken tyres on your vehicle were fitted when the vehicle was new or are recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. This is because tyres are matched to a particular vehicle to optimise wear, performance, safety and comfort. Specific tyre models may change as manufacturing processes develop and it may be the manufacturer recommends an alternative model which has superseded the original tyre. We can assist you to find the appropriate Falken tyre if you are unsure. 

No matter how you contact us, phone, emails of Fast Quote, we look forward to offering you the best off-road tyre package and service in town and elsewhere.

Tyres in Cheddar™ offer a range of related services to their customers including, but not limited to;

  • FREE Tyre Inspections
  • Tyre Supply
  • Puncture Repairs
  • Fit Only (Tyres supplied by you)
  • Budget and Premium tyres

We supply tyres for any of the following off-road vehicle types; 

  • 4x4
  • SUV
  • Off Road Vehicles
  • Crossovers
  • Quad Bikes

We supply tyres from some of the best tyre manufactures in the world;

  • Bridgestone
  • Continental
  • Dunlop
  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • Matador
  • ...and some independent manufacturers

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