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Without a shadow of a doubt, you car battery is the most important electrical component within your car, van pr motorcycle because, without it your vehicle simply won't start. It goes without saying, therefore, that ensuring your battery is in tip top condition is a precursor to reliable motoring.

Common car battery problems include electrical equipment such as lights being left on, excessive loading, corrosion or loose connections, alternator issues, excessive loading or frequent short journeys. Some symptoms can be exacerbated during colder weather which is why most garages will include a battery and electrical component check as part of a 'winter check'.

Signs of a failing battery may include the engine cranking more slowly than normal, a clicking sound when attempting to start the vehicle, dim headlights, a dashboard warning light, loose battery terminals and, of course, the fact that your battery is just old. Ignoring these warning signs will ensure that a some stage, usually the most inconvenient time, your battery will let you down and you could be stuck at home, at work or worst still at the side of the road.

You can, of course, complete your own checks and you can even test your alternator yourself if that is your preference. One way to check the alternator is to start the engine and then remove the positive connection (red lead) of the battery. If the vehicle stops then it is highly likely that the issue relates to your alternator. Most people prefer to leave it to the experts and Tyres in Cheddar™ are willing to conduct a FREE test to determine where the fault lies and included in this will be a battery test.

Most sensible motorists will seek to replace their car battery every 3 years to ensure that their vehicle remains reliable and we would concur with this policy. That said, car batteries can last 4-6 years but their reliability will wane as they get older. Other factor can determine the longevity of your battery such as the vehicle type, typical weather conditions and driving habits.

The most common batteries are lead acid batteries which are relatively inexpensive and durable. They will typically support around 20,000 cranks (starts). Calcium batteries on the other hand, whilst more expensive, will offer between 30,000 and 50,000 cranks and up to 30% more power. All batteries are rated according to their Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) which determines the amount of power required to turn the engine over in cold weather. It is essential that the battery fitted to your vehicle has the minimum amount of CCA determined by the vehicle manufacturer (and doesn't exceed this by more than 10%). Tyres in Cheddar™ will ensure that an appropriate battery is provided for your car, van or motorcycle. Tyres in Cheddar™ will use the ETN system to determine the appropriate battery for your vehicle.

In addition, Tyres in Cheddar™ can provide brake inspections and other vehicle repairs. The mechanical repairs or servicing can be carried out on your behalf by Grease Monkey Garage at the same time if you wish. One trip saves you time and most likely money!

Batteries Supplied & Fitted - Tyres in Cheddar™

Tyres in Cheddar™ offer a range of quality batteries including those from most of the major battery manufacturers; Varta, Exide, Bosch, Numan, Powerline and Yuasa. We don't provide cheap batteries but we do supply inexpensive and heavily discounted car, motorcycle, van and leisure batteries. We will complete a free test of your battery and if that is not at fault we will complete a free electrical diagnostics check to determine where the fault lies. Depending on the findings we can recommend an appropriate electrical repair or replacement battery. There is no cost to you for these tests.

Let the experts take the strain, ensure that you are provided with the correct battery for your vehicle and allow us to demonstrate precisely how much you can save by purchasing your car, motorcycle, leisure battery or 'stop-start' battery direct from Tyres in Cheddar™. 

No matter how you contact us, phone, emails of Fast Quote, we look forward to offering you the best off-road tyre package and service in town and elsewhere.

Tyres in Cheddar™ offer a range of related services to their customers including, but not limited to;

  • FREE Battery Checks
  • FREE Electrical Diagnosis
  • FREE Advice
  • FREE Fitting
  • Supply  Only or Supply & Fit

We batteries tyres for any of the following off-road vehicle types; 

  • 4x4
  • SUV
  • Off Road Vehicles
  • Crossovers
  • Quad Bikes

We supply batteries from some of the best battery manufactures in the world;

  • Varta
  • Bosch
  • Yuasa
  • Excide
  • Powerline
  • Numan
  • ...and some independent manufacturers

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