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  • What is the minimum tread depth for a car tyre?

    The law requires car tyres to have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm in a continuous band around the central three quarters of the tyre

  • What is the recommended tread depth for car tyres?

    Tyre and safety experts believe the 1.6mm legal minimum is insufficient to guarantee safety. The majority recommend a minimum tread depth of 3mm for tyre replacement.

  • I have a bulge in my tyre can it be fixed?

    Unfortunately a bulge in your tyre is caused by an internal structure failure possible as a result of a tyre being 'kerbed' or damaged by a pothole. This type of fault is extremely dangerous and could lead to a catastrophic failure. The tyre should be replaced urgently. Also bear in mind that it is likely a road traffic offence to drive with a bulge or tear to you tyre which could lead to a large fine and points on your licence.

  • Can I drive with a nail or screw in my tyre?

    Your local tyre company can remove the nail or screw and plug the hole with the proviso that the integrity of the tyre hasn't been compromised. Repairs aren't always possible. You should have the tyre inspected as soon as possible by a tyre technician. However you should be able to drive on it so as the air remains in the tyre.

  • There is a cut in my tyre does this need to be replaced?

    Any cut should be inspected by a tyre technician to be on the safe side. However, it should also be noted that it is a traffic offence to use a tyre which has a cut in excess of 25mm or 10 per cent of the section width of the tyre, whichever is the greater or deep enough to reach the ply or cord. This could lead to heavy fines and points on your licence. You should not drive your vehicle until the tyre has been changed with the spare or removed for replacement.

  • There a bit of cord showing through on my tyre, must I get this fixed?

    The short answer is yes and the sooner the better. The best advice is to exchange the tyre with your spare or remove it and arrange for it to be taken to your local tyre service centre. This type of fault can lead to catastrophic failure and will require a replacement tyre. Worth noting is that driving a vehicle with a tyre that has the cord or ply showing is a road traffic offence and could lead to a heavy fine and points on your licence. Driving to a tyre centre is not a valid excuse for using a vehicle with this type of tyre damage.

  • How often should I have my wheels aligned?

    Most people will have this completed when they have new tyres fitted. However, there are other symptoms that may suggest you should visit your local tyre services company earlier. For example if you notice that your steering is 'pulling' to one side or the other, or something similar under braking. These are signs that your wheel may need to be aligned. Similarly, an uneven wear pattern could also suggest an issue with wheel alignment.

    Whilst there are other potential causes, the number of potholes that have to be navigated on UK roads add to the prevalence of wheel alignment issues. Hitting a kerb is also a common cause of this form of misalignment. A failure to deal with this issue may result in your vehicle being more difficult to handle, will likely cause reduced fuel consumption and will result in uneven tyre wear reducing considerably the lifespan of your tyres.

  • My tyres are a little old will it still be safe to drive?

    Tyres can degrade with age and this may manifest itself through obvious cracking or something less obvious. If you are unsure get it checked by a professional. However, it is worth remembering that tyres are an essential part of your vehicles safety and older tyres will have less integrity than new ones. You may consider any risk to be not worth taking. If you are stopped and Police believe there is a defect you may have committed an offence.

  • Can incorrect tyre inflation be dangerous?

    Yes. Tyres that are not inflated in accordance with the manufacturers specifications can affect the balance of your vehicle, lead to increased tyre wear and steering problems. In addition, it is a road traffic offence to drive a vehicle where the tyres are under or over-inflated. This could lead to penalty points and a large fine. As with any similar situation fined and penalty points are for each tyre.

  • How can I check the tyre depth on my tyres?

    There are several methods. You can take your car to a tyre services company, use a tyre depth gauge or use the 'Tread Wear Indicator' (TWI) which is a moulded piece of rubber placed at intervals between the tread of your tyre. When the height of the TWI reaches the tread pattern you are at the limit. Remember, the tread depth needs to be in a complete band around the tyre - there should be no points where the tread depth goes below 1.6mm. 

    Whilst within the law, it is not really advisable to allow your tyre tread to go down to the legal limit. 

  • Do I have to use the same make of tyres fitted by the vehicle manufacturer?

    The short answer is no...with very few exceptions which may include certain high performance, off-road cars or motorcycles. Vehicle manufacturers tend to select a particular tyre for optimal performance and handling and often drivers will prefer to stick with that recommendation. However, there is inevitably a buyers premium to be paid for using tyres from some of the best known tyre manufacturers. There are some excellent mid-range tyre alternatives available and these can be discussed with your local tyre centre.

  • How many miles can I expect from a new set of tyres?

    A lot depends on the type of tyre you buy, how you drive, weather conditions, temperature, how well maintained your car is (tracking etc) and road conditions they are used on. However, a rule of thumb is around 20,000 miles for your front tyres and as much as 40,000 for the rear tyres. Perhaps a little less for softer compounds and budget tyres. 

  • Is it worth spending more on branded tyres?

    Premium tyres may cost considerably more than their budget counterparts perhaps by several hundred pounds so it is a fair question. Much depends on your driving habits. If you drive a lot of miles, especially on high speed roads, then you may benefit from the added grip, all weather performance and wear. On the other hand, if you only drive locally and less than the average car user then a budget tyre may be a better option. For those still unsure, a good mid-range tyre is a fair compromise in terms of price, performance and wear.

  • Is it worthwhile rotating my wheels to get even wear and tear?

    Some manufacturers recommend that this is done every 7,500 miles and there is some logic to this. Front tyres tend to wear much faster than rear. The downside is you could end up having to pay for a full set time each time rather than the fronts or rears. Horses for courses.

  • Which tyre manufacturers are considered premium brands?

    Opinions vary but few would argue with the following; Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli. Good mid-range tyre brands include; Avon, Cooper, Firestone, Hankook, Sailun, Yokohama, Falken, BFGoodrich, General, GT Radial, Toyo, Nankang and Uniroyal.

  • How often should I have my wheels balanced?

    One of the major manufacturers recommends having your wheels balanced every 3,000 to 6,000 miles other industry commentators suggest every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. This could be a good time to consider optimising the overall performance of your tyres by switching the wheels around (see above). However, if you are experiencing steering wheel or floor vibration at higher speeds or notice the wear on your tyres is scalloped or cupped, then you should have them balanced as soon as possible.

    Well balanced wheels will reduce tyre wear, provide a smoother ride and reduce load of other drive train components (such as bearing and shock absorbers).

Important Notice (Disclaimer): The information contained herein is advisory and is only a matter of expressed opinion. We do not hold ourselves out to be experts in the manufacture of tyres, the Road Traffic Act or any other road enforcement agency. Should you have any concerns relating to the issues covered above you are invited to seek specific advice from the relevant authorities on each subject matter. 

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